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    We built our home from the foundation up about three years ago. Well, us and the construction crew. Okay, it was all the construction crew. We made a lot of decisions in the internal trim type department, but I think the one I like best and would repeat in any other home we own is the sink. We got a 10 inch deep one bowl sink. I've had the two bowl with equal sized bowls, two bowls with one bigger, and I've washed dishes in a number of restaurants. I really like this sink! My hand washing of dishes is mostly just pots and pans, so I didn't need two bowls the same size. The only other thing I would've liked is a faucet that rises high and has a flexible spout, like in the restaurant. It's not a farmer's sink, but along those same lines. It's great!

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    Aw, that's cool! It's nice when you can be excited about your sink

    Can you post a picture?

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    Know what you mean about ordinary sinks; wonder what mfrs. are thinking. Sinks need to be large enough to actually hold what's being washed in them! (What a novel concept!) Most are not big enough for real-world pots & pans, which if nothing else is what people actually wash in the kitchen sink. I think designers of all products should be required to actually use them first (the previous designs and then their own designs) to see that they get it right.

    It does sound a little funny that anyone could get excited about a sink, until you realize that in our current MBA-perverted world of meaningless innovation for the sole sake of innovation, and not true utility or improvement, in the desperately-mindless world of mass-marketing, when a manufacturer actually finally gets it right for once, it does seem like cause for celebration -- even if it's just a sink.

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