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    Question Repairing A Broken Brass Chandelier Arm (not a wired arm)

    I have an older reproduction brass chandelier - all the wiring is good, the problem is one of the decorative only arms (does not have a hollow center with wiring inside) - it holds a crystal is broken near the base. Since this is a brass/ 'pot metal' I was thinking soldering will not work... Super glue would not be strong enough???

    I have tried a WELD-Type two part epoxy meant for metal and it did not seem to stick to the pieces, although it did harden, it 'peeled' off the break. Any glues or epoxies that would work?

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    Default Re: Repairing A Broken Brass Chandelier Arm (not a wired arm)

    If it is brass you can solder it. you need to remove the clear finish off before you solder. some of the new finishes can be rather tough. using a dremel tool works well. Clean it well use plenty of flux. it should hold.

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