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    Default How Many Cans Do you Need? Recessed Lighting Estimation

    I am removing a wall between a dining room and kitchen. The expanded area will be a large kitchen with an island. I need an idea of how many recessed lights are adequate to light a 13'6" x 13'10" area, and a 10'6" x 12'5" area. This will be one large area with an LVL 14" deep separating the ceiling between the two area's. The ceiling is 8'.


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    Default Re: How Many Cans Do you Need? Recessed Lighting Estimation

    There really isn't a good answer because of the different Trim available. Then there is the wattage,candle power and lumens of the bulbs or lamps. Then the distance from the ceiling to the surface to be illuminated needs to be known. There is also the patern of light the trim allows out of the fixture.Manufactures of the lighting you want to use have websites. the website should have all the information that lighting designers use to design a space. To make it easy I suggest going to a high end kitchen center and look what they have for lighting. Then see what you like and take notes. I know high end lighting stores have lighting designers to work with you if you buy from them. If your hiring a electrician he could gide you or suggest someone who could. sorry I couldn't help you more
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