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    Default Help Silence Squeaky Stairs

    My stairs are squeaky for 2 reasons; nail rubs & poor construction. The stairs were built in '28 without center stringers. Each runner is supported by the subsequent riser under it as well as side stringers. The side stringers are horizontally grooved between .25 & .5" and the runner is inserted into the groove. The risers are not supported by the stringers.
    In an attempt to tighten the stairs, I've inserted shims into the spaces between the runner & risers under the front edge of the runners. However, I cannot get a screw or nail to fasten the back side of the runner to the next riser above it. Unfortunately, I have no access to the underside of the stairs. How can I tighten up further?

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    Default Re: Help Silence Squeaky Stairs

    Thanks for the advice asc2078.
    I considered this prior to the posting & felt that if I glued/nailed or screwed the molding to the joint, I'd still have the noise due to the flexing of the treads & molding (since I have no center support).
    I was thinking of using a pocket hole jig to screw the tread to the risers & potentially covering the whole thing w/ a stair runner.
    Option 2: I was thinking of using some angle iron to screw everything together, but the results will be less than pretty. Once again, covering with a carpet.
    Any other ideas that would get the job done without having to cover up my handy work?

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