I've got hardwood in my kitchen, it's white oak. It's still fairly new, we had it installed about 5 years ago. We haven't buffed it or used a poly formula on it, but it still looks great. I use an oil-based pledge floor cleaner on it about once a month. After a quick wipe down with warm water it looks brand new everytime! We do have to be careful though to not drop anything heavy on it and clean up grease messes as soon as they happen. Pretty comon in front of the stove, but that's why we have about 3 rugs in the kitchen. one in front of the stove, one under the sink and one under the fridge. Lots of spills happen there :/

We had linoleum that was installed in the 70's. It was an eyesore and had torn up spots everywhere. I don't think we'd ever go back to it.