We are renovating our 1920's kitchen by opening up a wall between the kitchen and dining room. I want to keep the character of the house and feel that I should put hardwood in the kitchen. Also, what I put in the kitchen, I have to put in the dining room section which will now be part of the kitchen. I also have a sitting room that flows from the dining room, so presumably I should have the same flooring. I have a big dog who takes a drink of water and drips it all over the floor all the way to his destination. I am very hesitant to put a wood floor in the kitchen. My designer (who's my brother!) promises that if we put 4 coats of oil on the floor, the water won't damage it.

I keep reading good things about hardwood in the kitchen. In fact, I have never read a bad thing, which makes me suspicious! Does anyone have any experience with hardwood in the kitchen--good or bad? Would you do it again?