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    Default Can a beginner make new wood porch steps?

    Can you help me determine the materials and procedure for making new wood porch steps? My husband works long hours so it's up to me to get it done if I can. I have basic know-how and I'm determined to do it right.

    The porch currently has one step and then previous owners built up the ground below the step with horrible sharp gravel. In short, my family can't leave the house without shoes...just to get over the sharp stones! I'd like to re-do the existing step and add another to replace the pile of gravel. I need to do it at two different points from the porch.

    My main source of anxiety is not knowing how to prepare the foundation of the step. Do I need to do it with concrete, or can I dig and level the area with the gravel I already have and use that instead of cement? These steps will have heavy use. I do also need some pointers on how to construct the wood portion of the step.

    Any advice will be welcome!

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    Default Re: Can a beginner make new wood porch steps?

    I did a quick search on TOH and didn't find anything. Here is a link to a website detailing the steps to make steps.

    There is additional info in the related articles section. This should get you started, let us know if you need further info.

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    Default Re: Can a beginner make new wood porch steps?

    Just viewed a video by Tom Silva on building steps, very good tips

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