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    I want to know how to do the site work and create a foundation for a 12 X 14 shed. I plan on it resting on 6 - 4X4 or 4 X 6 X 14" but don't know if they should sit on concrete piers or do I have to level the ground and place the beams directly on the ground. Any suggestions?


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    Depending on the area you live in and whether or not you have ground frost conditions will determine what materials and how to prepare the materials .... but generally you may be able to use a good base of gravel for setting the support structure on.

    A depth of 6 inch layer of well packed gravel on top of a ground cloth material usually works out ... depends on the area.
    The ground cloth will separate the gravel from the soil which helps with water drainage. You should use pressure treated lumber ... preferably the type rated for ground contact.

    Hope this helps.

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