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    Question shiftng front porch

    hello all I have a problem that needs attention . my front porch is shifting due to water that has been collecting at the base this shift has started and is moving very rapidly I need help and advice I know it is too much for me to do but i have talked to several contractors and thier solutions vary i would like some solid advice and would like to know if it can be repaired or needs a total rebuild
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    One suggestion would be to dig straight down, along the wall, to see how far down it is split apart. If possible, and depending how much of the base has moved, try jacking the shifting piece back into position. Put a plank vertical along one side of your hole, so you have good support for your jack. Use another piece of plank along the bricks, so you have a larger area to push. This section should stay in place, once you jack it back.

    Next, get a posthole digger and dig your hole as deep as you can get it, and fill it with concrete, and some rerod. This extra support down deep, will help to stabilize that portion that is shifting.This concrete column should probably be at least 12' or larger in diameter, for really good support. If you keep the sides of the hole pretty vertical, you can probably use Sakrete, or the Menard version of sand, gravel, and rock, instead of getting a redi-mix truck for such a small amount. Use the thick paper cylinder forms you get at Menards, Home Depot, etc., If you have enough room, make two columns side by side for even more strength. The deeper you go, the better it will be.

    I did this once with an old, old house where the foundation was shifting badly. I know, it is hard work and the soil might be pretty hard digging, but a little sweat and hardwork on your part, will save tons of money, compared with hiring a contractor.

    Good luck,

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    Default Re: shiftng front porch


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