I live in Northern Kentucky about 15 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio. We received very little rain and my lawn is in desperate need of help.

I use a lawn service so should I cancel them until the lawn is back?
How do I prep it for re-seeding?

I have read about a new grass seed by Pennington that requires 30% less water. However, if I am going to re-seed I prefer a fine blade grass like "Kentucky Blue Grass". My yard gets full sun all day.

Also, my flower and shrub beds are a mess. Weeds everywhere, should I just use Round-up and re-mulch? Before I mulch should I use "Preen" to prevent new weeds?

I have been through the weed problem almost every year, spent thousand of dollars on weed killer, weed preventer, and mulch. It seems like a loosing battle. Perhaps I am going about it all wrong?

I enjoy This Old House and have been watching for many years as well as Ask This Old House.

Any advice you can share will be appreciated.