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    Default Basement insulation.

    Hi, I live in minnesota,and have a split level walk out with a
    39"high block wall to insulate. My plan is to build 2x4 wall in
    front of the block wall, fastend to the floor and over the top of the block to existing 2x4 stud wall. And use fiberglass insulation with vapor barier on both sides of 2x4 to try and elimenate a moisture build up and mold problem. Is this o.k. I know you are only supost to have vapor on the inside but iam
    afraid the blocks will sweat. I would like your input.
    Thank you.John

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    Default Re: Basement insulation.

    I understand you are worried about getting mold on the insulation. Keep in mind when warm air comes in contact with cool air it produces moisture. Two vapor barriers would trap the moisture and mold would apear on the insulation. The vapor barrier should be on the warm side of the wall only. I might suggest paint made by dry-loc it will keep the moisture from penetrating the block. Sears also makes block paint also. Then you can insulate the stud cavities. Then put your plastic on the studs toward the heated wall.

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