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    Post Adding onto the Basement

    I have inherited an 85yro home, that has an unfinished basement (will be my office) which I will be hiring someone to finish. Though the basement floor has to be dugged out to come up to code for living area and I designing to set up walls, add full bathroom, and section off the utility room and sump pump which borders the entire main section of the basement. The basement as a back room, that has a slightly raise floor and slopes (this was the old coal room - which will dugged up level and ready for a small kitchen) this room is not included in the sump pump. I am going to be doing major remodeling to this home is pieces, first enlarging the kitchen and relocating the dining room and radiator, and bathroom.

    It is from here the question is coming into factor, I will be adding a laundry room, sunroom, and spa room this is will be 5 feet off the ground and with excellent support structure (because that is where the 1st floor is level off). I have decided to have the ground dugged out about 95" down and 28 feet across and 11 feet wide. This to have two rooms added and small tight spiral staircases for rear escape. The main room is to be a wine cellar.

    A wine cellar (for those that don't know - has many requirements, such as R-19 insulation, green board, motion lighting, no windows, venting. It is the usually the one room in the cellar that is excluded from escape hatches or windows. These two rooms will be attach onto the foundation and with doors to the separate rooms, wine cellar will have an exterior door (with weather strip & sweep) and other room will have a regular interior door.

    But the key question is sump pump - can't have vibrations, how do I lessen that problem in the room. The other room maybe for storage or a small bedroom. It is a room that will hold over 2500 bottles of wine with the constant temp of about 50 degrees. Cost is not a factor.

    Also, anyone know what would make plastic (including brand new tote bins) sticky in the current basement? IS THIS A BIG PROBLEM?

    Add'l info, I will be adding new drainage, as the current gutters and downspouts are less 1 foot off the foundation, and adding perhaps a drywell. The soil - clay unsure if that is important. Also have to add new windows and get rid of mold, damp smells. The walls are solid cinder block mostly white though some yellow stains. IS THIS A CONCERN?
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