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Thread: basement walls

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    I have a basement that is half concret blocks on the bottom and the top half is drywall the builders put up. There is also a moat around the base of the basement. I painted the drywall and want to put up paneling on the bottom half over the concrete. I've sealed it concrete with Dry Lock and want to put up paneling next. Is is OK to just glue the paneling right on top of the sealed walls? Do I need to put a vapor barrier of plastic over the concrete first? Do I have to do anything special near the moat at the base of the wall? I wasn't going to try to do any framing if it wasn't necessary, just some moldings where the drywall and paneling meet. Thanks

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    Crud: I am doing the same thing and have the same question. I see your post is from June, so you should be finished by now. What did you decide on? Any finish pictures?

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