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    New to basement. My pervious house did not have basement.
    Problem closing/opening basement windows. Are there any tricks to handle them? The pictures are attached. I temporary put the screw that is holding the window in close position. Is there any way I can pull them out, clean all dirt? May be because there is lot of dirt between frame and screen.

    How often you basement windows need to be open for ventilation. I never opened them before today I did and now I can not close. I have hygrometer and humidity level is below 50 when is not raining and above 50 when it rains

    Also, can any one tell me what is little metallic strip on windows. Some of them even connected to wires and some are not. I do not know what it is?

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Basement Windows

    That foil on the glass is for window breakage and would be wired into a burglar alarm system.

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    Good point. I followed the wires and they end up at alarm system box. So they are indeed alarm system wires. I thought they were some kind of antenna to get the UHF or radio signals.

    Any input on how often basement windows should be open for ventilation? I believe I need use hammer and wood stud to close them.

    Thank you

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