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    Default Closet/toilet flange rising from floor

    My house is a ranch style, slab foundation house. The concrete around my toilet waste pipe seems to have broken down and the flange is rising up out of the floor, causing the toilet to wobble.

    Is this going to require foundation work? Excavation?

    What are my options?

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    Default Re: Closet/toilet flange rising from floor

    It's difficult to say what is causing the issue from the description over the Internet.
    When you say the concrete is breaking down is it crumbling ,sinking, or heaving ?

    If the toilet flange has separated from the concrete floor and seems higher.... it's hard to imagine the waste pipe is rising up on it's own. It may be a case of the concrete floor is settling down or there may be a heave occurring under the concrete and waste pipe.

    Hard to say what the causes may be. There may be some natural settling happening or there may be a change in ground water level.

    It's possible if it's only localized around the toilet there might be an issue of a leaky waste pipe. If a leak is occurring under the slab this could wash away the soil over time causing the concrete to drop.

    Depending on the soil under the slab the leak could be causing the soil .... if it's clay .... to become saturated and expand causing a heave.... if you live in an area that has ground frost this could be amplified.

    Then and again I could be way off .

    You could have a foundation contractor come out and have a look .... they would be able to say if it is a issue with the plumbing or the ground under the slab.
    The repair may be a simple re-level of the floor or breaking it up and repairs done .... depends.

    Just a guess.

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