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    Default Lennox Complete Heat Replacement

    We have a 2600 sq. ft. house on one level with a Lennox CompleteHeat system. It heats the domestic HW as well as providing HW to the air handler to heat the house. There have been problems since it was installed 10 years ago. During firing and while running the boiler misfires/stumbles/backfires often. No service tech has been able to correct this.

    We understand Lennox stopped building this unit a few years ago so we face replacement with an other system. We would like to keep the air handler and AC and replace the water heater side of this unit but it must be able to keep up with the demand of both air heating and domestic HW use at the same time (nothing like a cold shower while the furnace blows cold air!).

    First does anyone know of a solution to the mis-firings? Some of the backfires were so violent that it cracked the exhaust.

    Has anyone done this and please what unit(s) did you use.

    It has been very efficient for us since our gas bills average $120.00 for the coldest 4 months and $45 the rest of the year here in VA.

    Thank you in advance for your input.

    LeeVaHeat AKA Greg

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    Default Re: Lennox Complete Heat Replacement

    Could you provide more info as to how many service techs you have had work on this & what they have tried so far.

    Have they replaced the gas valve, etc., & tried other things????

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    Default Re: Lennox Complete Heat Replacement

    Back fires are usually because of a build up of to much gas before ignition. can be caused by moisture in the gas tubes in the fire chamber. The ignitor module is probably the cause. I suggest calling the manufacture and tell them of your issue. They typically have a answer or a company that really fix the problem

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