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    Question Question re: drain pipe

    The "quick" install of a new sink and vanity is done. Except the drain pipe won't line up. No biggie I thought. After attempting to get the pipe that goes into the wall out and having no luck, I opened up the wall around the pipe to find that it looks like the pipe was soldered in. Is this common in a house from the mid 1950s?

    What would be best, cut the pipe and hope the make something that has a compression sleeve, similar to the down pipe right off of the sink. Or should I risk burning down the house with a torch and remove the pipe that way.

    I had intended on using a plastic pipe to replace this. In the past when I have done this type of work, I'd just stick the pipe in and be done. Should I use plumbers putty or something to insure a seal, or am I fine with an inch or two in the cast iron pipe?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Question re: drain pipe

    Fernco coupling can be used to connect the plastic to the ?copper? you already have.

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    Default Re: Question re: drain pipe

    You'll run across this a lot here in Chicago. They make a "repair trap" for this. It's basically just a P-trap with a slip-nut fitting on the end that connects to your old pipe. You probably won't find it in a Home Center, but any reputable plumbing supply house should carry it.


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