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    Default To insulate walls or not? If so, with what

    Single story, modified L-Plan house, built in 1893 with 12' ceilings. Location: East Texas. Should I insulate the walls and if so, with fiberglass bats, blown-in material or what? Exterior is original cypress lap-layed planks. Studs are true 2X4. Interior wall surfaces are 1X8 horizontal pine planks, not tongue and groove. I intend to remove all baseboards/trim, etc. and add 1/2" sheetrock, then replace all trim. I've been given about every different kind of advice on this that you can think of.

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    Default Re: To insulate walls or not? If so, with what

    I suffer through extremely hot summers you do, Yes you should insulate. This will cut down on your air conditioning usage or your heat.

    Unless you're completely removing the wall board, Fiberglass bats aren't the way to go.

    you could put blown in insulation by putting a small hole in the top and bottom of the stud cavities. The trouble with that is the possibilities of bad wiring and pests love to tunnel through the stuff.

    For me, I don't want to remove my wall board/sheet rock so I asked Bay Harbor Insulation about spray foam style insulation that could be installed behind the sheetrock. He suggested that I look into pourable expanding foam. This makes me so happy to know that although pest can chew their way through this stuff it's going to be a lot more trouble. Open cell foam will let moisture through, closed cell won't.

    I'm in a flood plain, so I like the idea that even though my sheet rock wouldn't survive the insulation would.
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