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    Default How to fix damaged sub floor & joists?

    Our 1930's house has damage to the subfloor and joists under the bathroom. A while back (before we owned the house) there was a water leak and the floor joists have rotted away, causing the subfloor to sag. This has caused the tile floor in the bathroom to crack significantly.

    I have looked at this from the crawlspace, and there is damage to 4 joists, 2 on each side of the toilet.

    In the past 6 months the cracks have increased in our tile floor so i'm looking for a short term fix (we are planning to remodel our bathroom at some point and rip out the tile floor and also redo the sub floor/joists.

    For a short term fix, i'm planning on nailing on new floor joists next to the damaged ones, and extending them all the way out to the band. I may need to jack up the floor a bit to get the joists in.

    Will this be a good short term fix? I'd appreciate any comments / suggestions.

    David S.

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    Default Re: How to fix damaged sub floor & joists?

    For a " short term " fix , I don't see why this won't work .
    You might even want to leave the jack in place as extra insurance .

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    Default Re: How to fix damaged sub floor & joists?

    Your short term fix sounds like a good long term fix. Replace in-kind is the way to go.

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