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    Question Bathtub drain stopper!!!

    Okay, so I followed Rich's instructions on replacing this nasty little, but necessary gizmo. Yes, I found the tub and everything is fine, except after trying at least 2 dozen times to get the water to stay in the tub, it is still draining out. I am even resorting to having my 66 year old mother try it (not good). I have repaired and/or replaced most things in our house, but I seem to always have trouble with the items that should be exceedingly simple. Any suggestions, other than hiring someone??? Could it be the pipe, or is it, as usual, just ME??? HELP!!! thanks, Jan

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    Default Re: Bathtub drain stopper!!!

    I'm not exactly sure what you have tried but I think you may need a new drain kit. You need to remove the drain with the help of a drain extractor and take it down to the plumbing supply and have them match the threads to a new one with a new stopper. I like the pop up type rather than the lever type. You can remove the overflow and lever (if that is what you have) and replace it with a simple cap and put the new drain in with the pop up stopper. But don't have the overflow and the drain out at the same time or you may lose the shoe under the tub.

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