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    Question Dog Vs. Yard

    HI my name is Steve I live in Milwaukee WI. I have a very small yard 30x30. When I let me dog out to go to the bathroom he pees in the same general area 5X5. Every year the grass is not only dead but completely gone. I have replaced it with sod and seed for 3 years and nothing seems to help. My yard looks like hell and I hate it is there anything I can do to prevent the grass from dieing besides keeping the dog off it?

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    Ask your Vet . It could also be a problem with his diet , too little water , etc . You could also fence off the part that he visits too often . A little change of venue .

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    There are treatments you can add to the spots to neutralize his urine. along the same lines you can pooper scoop up the waste and put it in a pooch septic tank, a holey buried trash can which you water weekly and also add riddex and compost.

    This is working well for us and our great pyrennes/great dane mix.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    I'd consider hard-scaping that are with small stones.....great dranage, easy to spray down....

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