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DaisyDog is correct. I am an Electrical Engineer and I see that the Easy Water system claims to work by passing "electronic frequencies" through the pipe. However, a copper pipe would act as a Faraday shield and prevent any electromagnetic waves from passing into the water.

In addition, what Easy Water refers to as "water molecule clusters" do not form as a result of hydrogen bonds as they claim. Water molecules attach as a result of electrostatic bonds. In fact, this characteristic of water is what makes your microwave oven work.

The Easy Water system is clearly bunk. Please do not waste your money.
this is a popular thread on Google's "easywater review" search, so I wanted to make a comment.

I too am an electrical engineer and Faraday Shields don't apply to magnetic fields. The claim that a Faraday Cage will block the effect is untrue. Coiled wire with alternating current creates an alternating magnetic field (Ampere's Law), which has no problem going through metals - similar to a solonoid/electromagnet.

While there's nothing wrong with their physics claims, I have no clue as to their chemical claims - what an alternating magnetic field is doing to Ca and Mg that causes them to no longer be electrostatically charged is beyond me. If it induced a polarization current within the water molecules and ions that could change the macroscopic geometry of deposits is possible, but someone really should look into that to prove if it works. If they can, industry will be switching to this all over the world (scale deposits in heat exchangers is BIG money)