The purpose of a regular water conditioner is to remove the excessive magnesium and calcium ions in a household water supply and replace them with sodium ions. When water has excess minerals such as magnesium and calcium, it is called "hard water," and it is difficult to use for household purposes like cooking and washing
The EasyWater System creates a physical change to water without using salt, chemicals or filters.

The EasyWater signal wire is wrapped around a copper, PVC or PEX pipe.

Electronic frequencies (not actual electricity) pass through the pipe and cause molecular agitation in the water

As a result the minerals lose their electrostatic charge, and do not stick to piping, water heaters, and other water using equipment.

By eliminating the use of salt or chemicals, EasyWater is safe to treat all the cold and hot water in a home, including the outdoor faucets.

The system retains beneficial calcium and magnesium minerals in the water, but prevents the minerals from forming deposits in water-using appliances.