Im new here. I have really researched different systems like Easywater and other no-salt systems and thought Easywater was the best on out there. I actually just got it this week, but havent installed it...plan on doing it this weekend. My house does not have room for a salt softener and I really do not want the salt added to my water. My wife and I decided to get an EasyWater 2200. I have horrible water 21-25 grains per gallon according to my city report. I invite anyone who wants to know what it does once it is actually installed to email me directly. I have posted on other sites as well because the only people that ever post say it doesnt work it cant work...but they dont have it. I really hope it works but if it doesnt I can return it so I figure I might as well try it because I am tried of having the issues with hard water. My email address is I will also be taking pictures of the areas in my house that have scale. They said that one area that I will notice a big change is my water heater so I will try to take picture of that if I can. So send me an email if you have questions from someone who actually owns one...and hopefully it is as easy to install as it looks on the website!!!