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    Default Shower tile chocies porcelain vs. ceramic & tile size

    We're still at the selecting materials stage of remodeling our shower. It has a fiberglas floor pan and porcelain tile (I think) 4"x4" tile. I will be removing the old tiles & wallboard to replace with cement backer board & new tile.

    We want to use 12"x12" tile for less grote lines to acheive a more marble-like appearance w/o actually using marble.

    Could anyone help with these questions:

    1)does using 12x12 tile make for a more difficult job for an amateur like me? This will be my first tile setting project. Are smaller tiles less error proof?

    2)what are advantages & disadvantages of ceramic versus porcelain tile as our material?

    3) We would like to the same tile on our shower walls and the adjacent bathroom floor because this is a small bath that we are trying to make appear larger. What is the best choice for one tile to do both shower walls and bath floor?


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    Default Re: Shower tile chocies porcelain vs. ceramic & tile size

    Generally speaking, porcelain tile is not glazed but very hard. requires proper sealing, and care must be taken not to get the grout into the pores of the tile. I believe you would find it a little more difficult to to care for properly. Ceramic has a non porous surface and is easier to clean.

    The 12 X 12 installs pretty much the same as the 4x4. Just remember to start the bottom row a little up from the pan so water is not wicked up behind it.
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    Default Re: Shower tile chocies porcelain vs. ceramic & tile size

    A technique for making small rooms look larger with tile is to set them at a 45 degree angle as opposed to parallel to the walls. It doesn't hurt to purchase a few tiles of different sizes and and see what you like. As for tileing the shower, you should install a water proofing membrane( tar paper will work) on the wall behind the cement backer board. Grout joints and backer board are not totally impervious to water infiltration.

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