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    Default Draft coming through floor / wall

    One hundred year old house up in toronto ON. Where the floor meets the walls there is a really cold draft. The floor is really cold. The outside of the house is brick and the inside of the house is floor - old maple flooring and walls - old plaster horse hair.

    Is there some way of insulating the space between?
    Anyone come across this problem?
    IT really makes the second floor cold. the first floor has the same problem as well.

    any input is appreciated.



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    Default Re: Draft coming through floor / wall

    We are in a 100 yr old house in rural North Dakota. The easiest way to fix that is to remove the baseboards and fill with expanding foam between floor and wall. It's usually because the floor isn't tight against the wall, and they didn't insulate very well back then. If the wall itself is cold you may need to fill behind the wall with some insulation. There are blow in kinds for that purpose.

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    Cool Re: Draft coming through floor / wall

    If your home has a cellar or crawl space under it you should checkif the cold air is coming in from there. It would be where the house sets on the sill beam or the sill sits on the foundation. If that is the case you could set straw bales against the side of the house the wind blows. then when the season changes seal it with a good latex aor poly type flexible sealant from the outside to stop the draft from entering. You may still need to insulate the walls since these homes were almost never insulated. Oh and the straw bales can be mulched into your flower beds. Do not shovel dirt against the wooden sill or base board as this invites rot and insects.

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