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    I am replacing my bathroom vanity. The one I bought will not be lined up with the old drain pipe. Is it possible to angle the drain without causing any draining problems?

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    The answer is.....It Depends!!

    Generally, you can get things lined up because the p trap can be manipulated to line up the tail piece with the drain pipe.

    How far off is the new from the old? Can you post a pic of the underside of the vanity? Is the drain pipe through the back of the vanity or the floor of the vanity?

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    Though it's not the best fix a "Flexi-trap" or "Flexi" parts for drains might work here. And yes, you can usually angle a drain at the wall but you'll probably need short-radius fittings which may not be up to code in some areas. Some places now require that "sweep", or long-radius, fittings be used except for venting. Any major plumbing supplier or big-box store will have "flexi" parts for drains, and I'd not worry about codes on this one since anything up to a 45deg fitting here won't sufficently hinder the flow and create a problem.


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