Please help! For about the last year we have dealt with flooding issues. The water comes up through the unfinished basement/cellar floor. We have lived here for 10 years and so I doubt we are on a water table. We have had at least 5 plumbers, 3 foundation guys, and yard drainage people come out.

The first plumber who we used to have a contract with insisted it was not a plumbing issue. After that we found the drainage pipe to the washer, sink, and dishwasher was disconnected under the porch. Various other interior drainage issues were found and recently we got the whole sewer line replaced. There was hole in the pipe and 33 ft out it was clay which was filled with roots.

This did not solve the problem though and at first made it worse. I've fixed the downspouts in the back of the house, but that hasn't helped either.

It still could be a drainage issue since our yard is all dirt, weeds, and not sloped properly? It could be the gutter downspouts and drainage pipes were not installed properly? It could be the fact that our neighbor doesn't have gutters and his house is about 5 feet from our cellar?

We are getting an addition soon and hopefully something can be done during that process. Any ideas... I'm tired of stressing out at the slightest hint of rain!