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    Unhappy How do I check the house sills on the foundation?

    Exterior walls in my 1930-built house have developed cracks just a few months after wallpaper was removed and I had a professional skim coat and paint the old plaster. When I talked with an employee of a good paint store,, to ask for the correct materials to repair the cracks, he told me I should check the sills on the foundation to be sure they are not failing!

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    Default Re: How do I check the house sills on the foundation?

    I'm not sure how the paint store employee could qualify that point.... it may or may not be an issue.
    It's impossible to say what you are experiencing from over the Internet .... let alone from behind a counter in a store.

    Frankly with your house being around 78 years old I would be surprised if there weren't any cracks.... It's the nature of a building to settle over time ... laws of physics.

    Depending on the issues ..... if these cracks are suddenly appearing it could be from a number of causes.

    For example .... if you live in an area with winter to spring seasonal changes this could result in settling or shifting .... depending on ground frost.

    Or ...

    If you live in an area where ground water levels have risen or decreased significantly this could also cause shifting or settling.

    Or ...

    If the sills are failing this could cause shifting / settling issues.

    You can see with these few examples there can be more things that could be the cause.

    If there is cause for concern then you might contact a professional , contractor , or at least a good qualified home inspector to determine what the issues are.

    Hope this helps.

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