Our bathrooms are back to back w/ all the plumbing in the shared wall. The access panel is worthless - it does not provide any access to that point at all.

We have talked to 4 plumbers at this point about it.

The first said they could just convert our 3 stem system to a 1 stem w/ little damage to the tile & a large faceplate behind to cover the holes. This sounded like a great option instead of having to knock huge holes throught the tile to get into the wall. The price quoted seemed very high so I called 2 other plumbers for quotes as well.

The 2nd came out & saw what we needed & never called me back w/ a quote. So..I figured if they don't want your work, they aren't going to show up to do it & moved on.

The 3rd gave me a quote which seemed more reasonable to us & he said he had expereince in our development & the houses there. So...he came out to do the work & then decided he had to make a hole through the tile & so he had to go buy tile & that would take all day & so he would have to schedule for another day. Then he called w/ an excuse the day he was supposed to do the work.

So...we called a contractor friend who got us in touch w/ a 4th plumber. They came out, did some other work w/in hrs (although the price they quoted was not the final - despite my asking for a full price, they only told me parts & didn't include labor which bugged me). SAid they had to get me a quote on the baths as that was something they rarely did. No call back yet on the price. And...they would knock out some tiles but not replace them - I have to find someone to do a 2x2 square.

I am at a loss. In the time we have expended, our one hot water stem has stripped so now has to be turned via pliers. The other bathroom can't be used due to a leaking stem. And...I don't see light at the end of the tunnel.

Any suggestions?