I'm new to this TOH blog. Here's my problem:

My home is a split foyer, with the family room downstairs below ground level, and sunken about 6 inches below the rest of the downstairs level.

I have a sump hole and sump pump right outside the house on the south side of the family room. Normally it works fine keeping the ground water away from the foundation with no problem during normal rainfall.

But recently we had about 10 inches of rain in 2 days. The groundwater level is high anyway in this part of town; and with that much rain in such a short time, the sump pump ran continuously until it burned out in the middle of the night. As a result, rainwater ran in and flooded my family room.

I immediately replaced the pump and the new one works fine. My concern is what will happen if it also burns out, or if the power goes out.

Today, a good friend of mine advised me that he had recently seen something on a TOH TV show about an alternative to sump pumps that does not rely on an electrical power source.

I've searched the TOH website for info on this, but have not found anthing.

If anyone has info on this, or can tell me where I might locate such info, I would appreciate the help.