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    Unhappy Re: Under Deck Ceiling

    I have just started my project using 12"w soffit. I cut strips from treated lumber as described above (my joists are on 16" centers so I needed strips to mount the soffit to). I am attaching with deck screws and using small washers so the soffit slots don't slip over the head. I am nervous though. Both my brother and father-in-law don't think it will work. They don't think it will hold the weight of ice build up in the winter. I ran strips on 18" centers, so I will be putting in 9 screws per panel. I am now planning on looking for some white washer or wafer head screws to put in the concave area in the center of the panel to help support the weight.
    I'd like to hear from anyone else who has done on how it held up throught the winter.
    My biggest challenge is going to be putting in the gutter. The support posts are pushing the gutter in board 4", creating 4" of unfinished area, will detract greatly from the aesthetic. Plus the gutter is down approx 3" from joists (to create pitch for runoff). The gutter is not designed to fit where I need it to go.
    Does anyone have photos of how the gutter was installed and finished off? I have some ideas for bending alum coil, but reading that it may not go well with treated lumber. I thought this was going to be relatively straight forward. Fustrated right now, because I have to figure out the gutter before hanging the soffit - no room to install after.

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    Default Re: Under Deck Ceiling

    hey guys, any follow up in regards to anyone who has installed a roof system using soffits... 12" or 16" wide panels? aluminum or vinyl? type of caulk? type of screws?

    i see where many people have talked about ripping some treated wood to use a furring strips so that the soffit will pitch away from the house. with the run off of the deck floor board water i am wondering if anyone has had much success or leakage. thanks.

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