My son bought a 1950s ranch. Above the ceiling (stapled in cardboard like tiles) and furring strips the attic has some kind of black fabric like paper (different from roofing felt) then a layer of 3+/- in. fiberglass insulation with the facing on top and a layer of blown in cellulose to the top of the 2x6s. I know the fiberglass should not have been installed with the craftpaper up, here in VT. The walls in the house are 8'. We are thinking of installing a new sheetrock ceiling below the existing cardboard like tiles with 4 mil poly above the sheetrock as a moisture barrier. I can't feel any moisture in the insulation except where there is a known leak at some roof flashing. We are planning to add an additional 12" of insulation. Is this workable or will it cause problems that I am not aware of.