Hi. I have a 1940's cape cod with a finished attic. Evidently the attic was finished when it was built. I'm going to re-insulate it shortly, since I notice the attic is still hot even though the house is retro-fitted with an air conditioner running through the floor vents.

I was thinking it might make sense to run an additional flexible duct through the 1st floor closet into the knee wall area of the attic, and put the vent near the top of the ceiling. So that the cool air falls.

Then after reading a few threads, I started to think it might make sense to put a 2nd small AC unit in the knee walls of the attic, and not bother with the central AC.. I think the advantage there would be that it would be a "zoned" system.

Any thoughts on my situation, or possible costs?

Thanks for the insight.