Trying to get a handle on what it might cost to raise the ceiling in a flat roofed house. The house is a typical frame and stucco, southwestern/pueblo style flat roof house. The only downside to the house is the 7.75 foot ceilings (I'm fairly tall). This is tolerable in the bedrooms, but fairly claustrophobic in the living/dining/entry areas of those. So, I am wondering what it might take to raise the ceiling and roof over these areas. There is no attic, just rafters with a built-up roof over them -- pretty typical for this type of construction. Not much else up there. Might be one ceiling light that would need to be re-routed/re-wired. I figure the area under discussion here is about 30 feet by 35 feet.

I assume that it would involve removing the built up roof in this area, removing the rafters, building up the walls (2 exterior, 2 interior) 2 or 3 feet (within a certain range, the amount of height added probably won't be a significant impact on cost), replace the rafters, then re-roof (insulate, seal, etc) over them, tie in old roof, stucco the wall extensions on the exterior Anyone have an idea of what this could potentially cost? Is my understanding of what's involved reasonable?

I figure if this was a pitched roof that this might be more involved and more costly. But with a simple flat roof, is this a bit more simple and straight-forward to do?

I don't think this is a $5,000 job, but is it a $10,000 or $20,000 job? More? What do you think? Thanks.