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    Default Idea to be sure you "turned it off"

    Several years ago my family was constantly late going places because of "Oh no, I forgot to unplug..." The usual culprit was the electric curlers. I finally came up with something that stopped the problem.

    I inserted an old-work box in the wall above the bathroom outlet, redirected a couple of wires, and installed a mechanical timer switch. If we get down the road and remember the curlers are still plugged in it doesn't matter. They CAN'T be on longer than 30 minutes.

    I know that many devices now have automatic shut-off timers so this may be unnecessary for many people. I would also point out that if a GFI outlet is involved take special care that you don't negate the protection it provides. It would be much easier to add this feature in new construction, so plan ahead.

    Maybe this idea will help someone some time.

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    Default Re: Idea to be sure you "turned it off"


    Above is a link to a company I represent that makes a programable
    lighting and outlet system. That has can be as small or as large as you want it to be. At a pretty resonable price that can be used in a residential setting. It uses Cat 5 cable for switches witch interconnect to a switch module. That is all plug and play with plug in power. you can hit one switch when you walk out the door and turn all the critical things down with one switch. It can be reprogramed in minutes by anyone using touch screen. It also can be done via a website when away from home. It's application and uses are endless. It used in commercial buildings but reasonable enough to be used in housing. Click on the plug and play header on the website to see the componets. e-mail me if you have questions htiedemann@ciinet.com I am not here to sell this product. but just educating that there are solutions that one day might be in the average house.
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    Default Re: Idea to be sure you "turned it off"

    A really neat idea , I like it.

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