I have an old home with a 10 year old boiler, which needed to have water replenished nearly every day. I posed the question to the heating folks time and again; the only answer I received was "it shouldn't be like that". No kidding.

Last service call in December the starter was replaced - and once again I was assured the problem should no longer exist. It does - or at least it did.

I was away for about a week, and returned to no heat. My housemate said she tried to fill the gage with water but this time the gage did not budge. We don't know why, haven't had heat in the last 10 days, heating people won't even look at it because I still owe a couple of hundred dollars on a whopping December heat PLUS $400 repair bill.

Any suggestions? I am not the handiest of people but will try anything. You'll have to dummy down the explanations, though.

THANK YOU FROM ME (with pneumonia now), HOUSEMATE and COLD CATS