I must finally admit it and ask for HELP! I didn't think I was a city girl, but I just can't keep my rural house clean. We have a small 1950s bungalow in a very hot, DRY area of S.CA {Yucaipa**. It is on 1.5 acres of pine-treed and dirt property {altitude of 3000' if that means anything**. We've tried growing grass, but have been unsuccessful, due to the acidity of the pine trees {we're told**, and the shade. We've replaced all of the windows and doors and use a swamp cooler to add some humidity. We also use a highly-rated air cleaner/filter and a window air conditioner w/an air filter. There is quite a bit of new home construction in the area, stirring up considerable dirt. Aside from that, the air quality in the town is relatively good for s.ca.

The cobwebs and dust bunnies grow faster than I can clean them! {both the inside and outside** EX: cans inside the newer kitchen cupboards {doors closed**are coated with dust within a few days.
We have 3 active indoor/outdoor dogs and realize they are a large part of the dust problem. We've ramped up their grooming program, which has helped some. However, they can't be held responsible for the cobwebs, as far as I know.
We are currently building a new home on adjacent property {with fewer trees** and want to do all we can to prevent this problem in the new home. We are hoping to keep the older property as a rental but want to do something to minimize the dust problem before renting it out.
Any advice for maintaining an older home in a very dry climate is much appreciated! Construction/insulation, landscaping, or other ideas very welcome.
Thanks in advance.
Yucaipa, CA