So we just moved into our "new" house in New Jersey. This home was built in 1902, has a lot of character, but needs tons of work too.

Two questions for those who may know.

1) The ceilings on the first floor are quite high, I would estimate 10 feet. Yet the ceilings on the second floor are really low, say 7~8 feet. I'm 5'8", and can almost palm the ceiling when I stretch my arms. The realtor told us this is normal in homes built around this time. Is that true?

2) There is no insulation to speak of, and all the windows are extremely drafty. Some of which do not even have latches. Since the home uses Oil Heat, and the cost is outrageous, I need to insulate and replace the windows. While I would love to keep the look and feel, with 25 windows needing to be replaced, I can't afford to stay true to the period. Are there any window manufacturers out there that maintain the look and feel, but use energy efficient materials?