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    Default Frost Free Freezeup

    My home is built on a slab and the two outside faucets are of the frost free design. Both have developed leaks and I need to replace either the faucets or the stems. Need someone's advice. The seal at the top nut is frozen and will not budge and I am afraid that I might do damage to the fill-line. Any advice?

    Many thanks

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    Lightbulb Re: Frost Free Freezeup

    Your faucet description is a little vague but if you are talking about the hex shaped piece on to of your frost proof hydrant then it is NOT a nut it is a vacuum breaker. You need to know the manufacturer to get replacement parts. There are about as many as there are bath faucets and they are nary interchangeble.
    If you can, turn of the water supply, oipen the hydrant, use two wrenches, one as a back wrench and one to loosen the retaining nut at the base of the stem, remove the stem and shaft and take it to a plumbing supply not a big box and as kfor info on the pieces you have and if possible order them and reinstal the old pieces in reverse order until you are called with your new parts. if you cant find the parts then call a plumber and get ready to cut open some walls . during this process it is imperative to avoid eyecontact with your resident swmbo.

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