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Thread: water pressure

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    Default water pressure

    I have trouble with my water pressure. I have a well and we lose water pressure for about 30 seconds. I had a plumber in and he told us unless it occurs every time we turn the water on, not to call because it is too hard for them to figure out where the problem is. It is very irritating taking a shower and the water stops.

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    Default Re: water pressure

    There are a few items that can cause issues like yours. It may be helpful to read up getting an understanding of things to monitor as to when and how the problem occurs.
    If you do a Google search there is information regarding well water systems and issues.

    I did a quick search using " well water pressure " and as an example here are some links :

    This possibly will help you to look at things on your own or provide more information to the plumber.... since it's difficult from here to see what's going on.


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