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    Default Leveling Basement Floor

    I'm looking for cost efective means to level our basement floor. We have a 1907 brick victorian home and the foundatioin has setlled which heaved the center of the basement floor. The floor is 3 to 4 inches higher in the middle relative to the perimeter. It is approximately 1500sf. I looked into removing and replacing the concrete floor but it was quite expensive. I inquired about self leveling concrete and this was quite expensive. My wife suggested possibly filling the lowspots with sand and then covering with a plywood subfloor. Not to keen on the plywood sub floor but ??? Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm DIY type and would appreciate any input now.

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    Default Re: Leveling Basement Floor

    I agree with DB.

    Without seeing the situation first hand it's sounds more like the perimeter has sunk and not likely that the center has heaved.

    The sand idea wouldn't be a very good one since any moisture that enters the basement will settle at the lowest spots which will keep the sand moist and will rot the plywood.

    Laying sleepers with all the shimming needed to obtain a somewhat level surface wouldn't be an option I would recommend either. This will allow any moisture to accumulate at the low spots as well.

    As DB mentioned if you wanted to replace the floor then doing the grunt work of removing the existing floor would save quite a bit.

    You might also consider contacting a company that does mudjacking .... depending on the existing situation they may be able to raise the floor to a reasonable levelness.

    Just some thoughts.

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    Talking Re: Leveling Basement Floor

    Don't mess around with Plywood, I recommend Mapei M20 self leveler, primo product and you can stain and seal it. Unfortunately you have a big floor and may need a lot. Maybe pump in a couple inches of new concrete then stain and seal it.

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