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    Default correct sequence for painting shelves, cabinets, etc

    Hi All,

    I'm painting my kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc, inside and out - going from a dark 1970's stain to a solid color - and I'm wondering what the correct and sensible sequence would be for painting. I'll remove all cabinet doors, and I know I need to prime first.

    Thanks in advance,

    Kit in Seattle

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    Default Re: correct sequence for painting shelves, cabinets, etc

    It makes sense to me to paint the cabinets first then the doors and drawers. If you did it the other way you would need to protect them while you paint the carcasses. Be prepared for nicks and scratches while you put anything back together. Keep some touch up paint on hand.

    Just in case you're looking for a good prep and paint sequence I gave this advice to another poster

    "wash them down with TSP following the instructions
    sand lightly and remove all dust with a tack cloth
    invest in a good primer and prime
    paint with enamel based paint not eggshell, or flat."
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default Re: correct sequence for painting shelves, cabinets, etc

    Start with the highest deepest inside and work you way down and out, that way you're not dragging your arms and hands across wet paint. Prep as Debby posted, use a high gloss finish because it easier to clean. You might want to go here and watch their pro painting tips and tricks on line or order their free DVD.
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    Default Re: correct sequence for painting shelves, cabinets, etc

    I recently refinished my kitchen cabinets-- all-in-all took a month to do from cleaning out the first cabinet to screwing on the last knob, and I do painting for a living. Refinishing cabinets is very tedious, but well worth it. Those prior posts have good advice and I'll add that you must protect the dried paint also: apply two liberal coats of rub-on"Poly" once the paint has dried and let it cure to a nice sheen.

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