I'm working on the design of an addition to my house. In another thread, a software package called Punch! was recommended. After a bit a research, I'm still not sure what it'll produce Any recommendations? I'd like something that does 3D modeling as well as produces blueprints for walls, foundations etc.

I'm proficient in AutoCAD (though generally do industrial control design and some 2D stuff). I'd rather not spend the time to detail elevation drawings in it.

I've used Google's Sketchup which is good for fleshing out ideas but has limited output (plus a number of frustrating things that while help in ease of use are a bummer from an engineering standpoint). The learning curve on that, for me, was very short. Had my idea sussed in a few hours.

Besides Punch! I noticed there is also a Home and Garden product, and something from Boderbound which doesn't seem to highly regarded.

Thanks for any suggestions.