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Thread: Florida, LP gas

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    Trying to decide if it is worth it or not:

    two of us moving to a home in Florida, currently all electric. We are considering adding a 250 gallon LP tank for hot water, cooking, and drying clothes.

    I'm trying to figure out the cost, payback time, and on-going costs. Like, with a 250 gallon tank, how often odes a family of two need to fill it. (Obviously, the answer varies, but there has to be a common average...) What maintenance is required on the tank?

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    Personally I think you would be better served by replacing the water heater with a HE electric water heater like the Marathon WH and putting up a clothes line.
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    Any where from 1 to 4 months depending on how long showers and how much laundry you do. If you get real serious about conservation, i.e. on demand water heater, five minute showers and as much line drying as possible you could have that down to twice a year or less. Are you planning to heat with it also? Another thing to consider is a LP refrigerator, Nice for hurricane season when you could loose power for weeks at a time.

    Re: JLMCDANIEL says: putting up a clothes line

    Can be interesting with the almost daily afternoon thunderstorms for most of the summer, in Florida

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