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    Cool exterior paint

    We live in Utah and have a front porch that is facing south.
    It is made of wood and has been painted with an exterior oil base paint.
    The paint only lasts one winter before it begians to peel and crack.
    The cold weather in the winter and south face gets the hot summer sun.
    I would like to use a vinyl material to cover the flat surfaces but am not able to cover the decorative wood work on the posts.
    Is their some kind of liquid vinyl or a product that will be mainteance free that I could use?
    What would you suggest?

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    Default Re: exterior paint

    you paint should last longer than a winter.

    what kind of paint did you use brand.

    usually a good oilbase primer then use latex paint 2 coats over that and it should last 5-9 years.

    you must prep very well sand very well.

    let oil base primer dry over night, then latex.

    I always use sherwin williams top of the line paint.

    other than that you really do not have much other choices. unless you switch out the wood to aztec or pvc wood.

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    Default Re: exterior paint

    I would have to agree ... it sounds more like an issue of preparation.

    If the walls weren't prepared properly by cleaning and priming then any top coat would fail.

    Typically oil paints were durable for exterior work but if is applied to loose and chalky surface it won't bind.

    I would consider using a good quality acrylic latex paint which is very durable .... however ...... preparation is the key .... regardless of whichever paint is being used.

    Just 2 cents worth.

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