My house used to have a two story porch on the front. The second story did not have a roof over it. It was more like a deck from the second level. There was a door directly above the main entrance to access the second story of the porch.

We are getting ready to put the porch back on the front of the house. I am trying to think of the best way to rebuild the porch. I would like the first story of the porch to have an enclosed ceiling with lighting. The second story will consist of a deck and railing. I know my biggest concern with the second story is getting rid of the water. I heard about using a rubber membrane to allow the water to run off. This seems like a good solution, but I am concerned about the aesthetics of the rubber from the second floor. I don't anticipate a tremendous amount of foot traffic on the second floor deck, however it will probably walked on three or four times a year. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to finish the second story flooring?