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    i have a rather steep hill in my yard that we have to mow it is dangerous and hard to mow is there some kind of grass we can plant that will not need mowing ???

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    How big an area are we talking about (length X width = approx. square feet)??

    Do you have any photos you can post??

    How steep is the slope (90 degrees = vertical, 10 degrees = small slope).

    All kinds of grass will grow---alternatives would require some work--- and might include ripping out the grass & planting dwarf, ground-hugging evergreen shrubs--these are very slow growing & would need a trim once a year, if that.

    Another option would mean TERRACING the hill to successive flat plateaus by using paving stones, natural field stones, etc.

    This would mean ripping out the grass, leveling the ground in successive steps or layers & replanting grass or shrubbery.

    However, it would also mean re-scaping all the soil from the hill to another part of the yeard (if you have room to "fill in" another part of the yard with the hill soil).

    If you have a small yard, you might have to have the removed soil hauled away in a dumpster ($400).

    If you have a lot of flat stones available on your property, dry wall stone retaining walls would be an option.

    Dry wall stone retaining walls are usually only 1 or 2 feet high & use no mortar & require no footing, so are easy & inexpensive to install.

    On the other hand, once the hard work of rescaping is done you'll forever be free from pushing that mower up a hill everytime you cut the grass.

    Google "lawn landscaping tips","small yard landscaping","lawn terracing","dwarf evergreens", "dwarf shrubs", "garden terracing", "garden retaining walls", "stone retaining walls", etc. for more info.
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    When I was trying to mow a steep grade, less than 45 with the push mower after I rolled the rider on it. I finally told my husband we needed to landscape the slope. We planted buffalo grass because it's native to this area. That may not be the case in your area.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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