My house is a beach cottage from the 1930's. I want to open two rooms to each other. The existing walls meet in a T in plan view. The removed area would be 12 ft on the vertical part of T and 10 ft on the horizontal part of the T. The horizontal part is the old end of the house so supported underneath by footings. The bottom of the T lands right on top of a footing along that bearing wall. I've calculated the the load would be 350 lbs/ft. Can you tell me a good way to go for the structural support? Would steel members be best because they can be strong but small enough to fit into the existing ceiling cavity? Is there a good way to make the T meet and not have a column at the intersection but rather on the 3 outer points? To size the steel and fasteners can I go to a local fabrication shop? Do you know any in Cape May County, NJ?