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    Cool Crooked Tree Swing

    I am currently tring to hang a tree swing on a branch that is uneven . . . the swing is about 5 ft wide but the height difference in the branch within that 5ft span is about 1ft. So, when I use simply rope/cable to hang the swing, we end up swinging crooked. This is the only branch that I can easily use in the yard, so I'm hoping there is a solution - any ideas on how to easily correct this situation? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    Sorry, maybe I should re-phrase the question a bit. The swing is currently level, but due to the crooked branch (which slopes upward), the length of rope needed to keep the swing level on side A is only 6ft long, whereas on side B, it is 7ft long which results in the swing being level, but when you start swinging, it swings crooked. Hope this clarifies that question.

    -Anxiously awaiting summer!
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